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#Frequently asked questions

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Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes, the poly bags that we pack our cotton wool in is recyclable as are the boxes that our buds are in - these are also compostable and biodegradable. Our PittaPatta children's toiletries are filled into a bioplastic made out of sugar cane which is both recyclable and sustainable.
Yes, they are 100% compostable as are the new new plastic box they come in.
Our paper packaging, like the one used to package our paper stem buds, is biodegradable but our plastic packaging is not, however, it is recyclable and our new sugarcane bioplastic PittaPatta tubes are eco-friendlier and leading in sustainability.
Are your products plastic free?
Yes, our cotton products are made of 100% Soil Association approved organic, sustainable and eco-friendly cotton, however some of our packaging does contain plastic, which we rewording on, but it is all recyclable
Are paper stem buds compostable?
Yes, they are 100% compostable as are the new new plastic box they come in.
Are you working on ways to remove/reduce plastic usage in your packaging?
We are working all the time to improve our products. We have just launched our baby toiletry PittaPatta range in sugarcane tubes. We have taken the plastic out of our paper stem buds boxes and are moving to a PE bag made from recycled PS. the next stage is to develop a paper bag for our cotton wool products.