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Simply Gentle Organic Baby Cotton Cleansing Pads


Made from 100% pure organic cotton our Baby Cleansing Pads attract dirt and make-up like a magnet while having a soft and gentle texture to prevent irritation. Perfect for anyone...

Simply Gentle Organic Baby Safety Buds


Eco-friendly, biodegradable Simply Gentle Baby Safety Buds made with strong FSC paper stems, tipped with Soil Association Approved organic cotton buds. Our dermatologically tested baby safety buds are perfect for anyone...

Simply Gentle Organic Baby Wipes


Our dermatologically tested Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Baby Wipes are enriched with natural Aloe Vera to gently cleans sensitive skin and prevent irritation. These wipes will leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed....

Simply Gentle Washable & Reusable Breast Pads


Simply Gentle Washable Breast Pads have been especially designed for use in late pregnancy, after the birth of your baby and whilst breastfeeding to provide security and protection from excess...

Simply Gentle & Pittapatta Organic New Born Bundle x5


Simply Gentle Organic Baby Wipes x1 Simply Gentle Organic Baby Cleansing Wipes x1 Pittapatta Organic Moisturising Lotion x1 Pittapatta Organic Bubblebath x1 Simply Gentle Washable Breast Pads x1

Mother and Baby Skincare Range

The Simply Gentle Mother and Baby Skincare range has been developed for maximum comfort and protection for both mothers and infants. Using a combination of natural and organic ingredients, using Simply Gentle’s products means that you are doing more than just looking after yourself and your baby, you are also looking after the environment in which you both grow.

What are Organic Skincare products?

People often decide to turn to organic skincare products because most conventional skincare products are commonly produced using many additives and chemicals which aren’t entirely healthy. Products that contain potentially harmful chemicals aren’t what you want to be using on your child or yourself. It can often be that people find they are allergic to certain ingredients and are prone to irritation and other uncomfortable side effects from conventional skincare products, however, organic skincare products use ingredients that nourish the skin and act as an anti-inflammatory and pose a lesser risk of any irritation and discomfort.

Differences between Organic and Natural products

Organic and natural are often used interchangeably, however, when describing skincare products, there is an important difference. Some products may still be natural, but the ingredients they use could be grown, created, or harvested using additives and other chemicals. Organic products, however, are made without the use of any chemicals or synthetic additives.

Both natural and organic ingredients originate from plants and Simply Gentle products which use these ingredients are biodegradable and compostable, whilst using 100% recyclable packaging. With 100% organic products, they are completely free of additives. While natural products may still contain some organic ingredients, certain other ingredients may have been harvested using synthetic means or additives.

For our mother and baby skincare products, we have a range that use the finest organic and natural ingredients that provide maximum comfort and prevent irritation.

Why choose organic skincare products?

As you may be aware, some beauty and skincare brands have received large amounts of backlash over the years for conducting animal testing. For consumers, this has been a turning point, and many people have decided to only buy certified cruelty-free products. With organic skincare products, if they are certified, there's no need to worry as all the ingredients are natural which are safe, harmless, and untested on animals.

One major draw of organic skincare products is that they tend to be cruelty-free. Brands and products in the beauty and skincare industry have received enormous amounts of backlash for testing on animals, however, organic products usually contain a ‘cruelty-free’ seal of approval which means they haven’t been tested on animals.

Another reason for choosing certified organic products, is that they are more sustainable and have less of a negative impact on the environment. Going green isn't always about saving money; sometimes, it's about doing what we can to save our planet. By turning to organic products, you'll be helping protect the environment while lowering the risk of danger during production.

Benefits of using Organic skincare products for you and your baby

Organic skincare can benefit everyone, and in particular, newborns and infants. When babies are born, their skin is often very sensitive, and they are more prone to irritation. To avoid this, it’s best to use organic skincare products as they are free from fragrances, chemicals and other additives which may cause irritation.

Dry skin is often an issue for people, and it can be even more common for infants. Organic skincare products can help to nourish and revitalise skin, reducing flakiness and dryness.

For mothers specifically, organic skincare products can be beneficial at a time where skin may be more sensitive and require regular attention. Organic skincare products can be used without worry of aggravating any skin conditions or other skin-related issues.