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Skincare Tips for Babies with Sensitive Skin

When your baby seems to be suffering from sensitive skin, be it through discomfort, an unidentifiable rash, or some other reaction which is impacting them physically, it can be difficult to know what to do to help - or which products you can use in future to protect their skin. 

As an organic skincare company, we know how important it is to use natural ingredients in a pure and simple way - and we also have a wide collection of products which can soothe sensitive skin and help keep problems at bay. But first, where does sensitive skin come from and how can we identify it in babies?

How to Identify Sensitive Skin in Babies

Skin blemishes are common in babies, but they can exacerbated or even caused by all manner of things - from time in the sun, to some form of allergic reaction to a product or something they’ve eaten. Dry skin can also be a factor in making sensitive skin worse, with regular bathing and the use of simple and pure products suggested to keep reactions to a minimum.

For the most part, sensitive skin will be characterised by some form of rash or red patch, which may or may not negatively impact your baby’s mood. Some of these patches will be worse at certain times, for example after bathing, while others will fade by themselves over time. 

Here are some tips on how to help with sensitive skin.

How to Handle Sensitive Skin in Babies

Avoid common allergens and irritants.

This is so important as the chances are that your baby’s sensitive skin comes from one of the most common irritants that infants can often come into contact with. 

These include: 

• Soaps and detergents, especially those which are fragranced

• Dyes and Perfumes

• Lotions

• Latex

• Cosmetics 

• Saliva and urine

Any of these can cause dermatitis and should be cleaned off the skin as quickly as possible if your baby comes into contact with them. And with that…

Choose Organic Skincare Products

Organic bubble bath

Keep your products natural and as organic as possible - selecting those which boast natural ingredients such as our organic bubble bath. With a luxurious and velvety blend of essential oils, all the fragrance of this bubble bath comes from the ingredients themselves - with no artificial perfumes added and 97% of ingredients derived from completely natural origins. This, and our other organic baby and child skincare products are all great options for those seeking a pure way of enjoying bath time. 

Choose Loose-fitting Clothes

If you think your baby is suffering from sensitive skin, or if you can see visible rashes, opt for loose-fitting clothes which will give the skin room to breathe and will prevent unnecessary irritation. You can also avoid rough fabrics like wool, opting instead for soft cottons which will soothe the skin. 

Keep an Eye on Dry Skin

Dry skin should be carefully monitored, first of all trying to understand if it has been caused by something specific, and then watching to see how long it takes to develop and eventually disappear. Dry skin is not uncommon in babies, but if the dry patch lasts longer than you would expect or appears to be growing more irritating to your baby, try applying a small amount of a pure moisturiser to see if it helps. 

A lukewarm bath can also help to soothe irritating skin, provided you use organic and natural products. 

Keep Your Baby Away From the Sun

Babies should be kept away from sun as much as possible and should not be lathered with sun cream in the same way that we might coat our own skin. If you live somewhere hot or take your baby on holiday where the sun dominates most of the day, keep them in the shade as much as possible and be sure to protect the skin with thin layers and a capped hat which has a flap down over the back of their neck.

With babies, it’s important to find the right balance between helping them regulate their own body temperature and keeping them away from direct sunlight, so as to avoid both overheating and burning in the sun.

For more tips and advice on how to care for your baby’s skin in the early days, right up to their development into a child, we’re always here to help and let you know about our latest product releases. 


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