Eco-friendly Christmas

Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

With the environment at the heart of some of the biggest conversations of 2021, in today’s article we wanted to spotlight and share some tips on how you can make a difference with an eco-friendly Christmas - starting with decorations, before moving onto Christmas dinner and then those all-important Christmas gifts. 

So, what is an eco-friendly Christmas and how can we achieve it in our own homes?

What Is an Eco-friendly Christmas?

From sustainable wrapping to eco-friendly gifts and a no-waste Christmas dinner, an eco-friendly Christmas is one where over-consumption does not rule all and where treating ourselves is done sparingly and within our needs. 

How to have an eco-friendly Christmas


First thing’s first, a real Christmas tree is much more sustainable than an artificial one made from plastic - and there are ways of bringing a real tree into your home without being left with a dead tree in January. 

One option is to rent your tree from a Christmas tree farm, which will take it back and replant it after the festive season. Alternatively, you can plant a used Christmas tree in your own garden for the use the next year, and for as many years as it fits in your home. 

As well as the tree itself, decorations can often be super wasteful - so look for more natural and handmade decorations which offer more personal meaning and look great on your tree and around your home. Some of our favourite ideas include painted fir cones, handmade paper chains, foraged berries and thistles, beeswax candles, and wooden decorative items. 

Christmas Gifts 

Organic skincare bundle

This is such an important one to focus on when it comes to having an eco-friendly Christmas, because gifting is where spend is often at its highest and waste can be sky high both in terms of wrapping and in the gifts themselves.

For some eco-friendly gift ideas, consider options which will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle all year round - like our Organic Skincare Bundle for children and babies, which provides the recipient with some of our most popular products all made from natural ingredients. Protecting both the skin and our planet, and packaged in our sustainable plastic alternative, this is the perfect gift for a new Mum looking for ways of developing an eco-friendlier approach to bath time. 

On the subject of gifts, opt for recycled wrapping paper, look at reusing paper where possible, and consider adding extra decoration with holly eaves rather than ribbon. 

Christmas Cards 

One of the best ideas we’ve seen crop up more and more in recent years is plant-able Christmas cards, which can be placed in the ground and watered upon receipt - sprouting into wildflowers which benefit the bees and other pollinators in the Spring. 

Alternatively, consider digging out all of last year’s Christmas cards and cutting out the characters and front images to stick onto new handmade cards. This is also a great way of creating your own gift tags. 

Charity Christmas cards are also beneficial for different reasons, especially if you choose those made and sold by wildlife and environmental charities. 

Christmas Dinner 

Reducing food waste is a big part of what we can do to help the planet, with portion sizes a big focal point in 2021 if you want to cut down on food waste. Buy not buying as much, the waste won’t be as high - though we understand this can be tough over Christmas.

Another option is to use a food app such as Olio, which connects you to local people who may be in need of food that you would otherwise throw away. Food waste bins and composts are also good ways of making sure that any waste is at least disposed of in the correct way. 

Reusable Advent Calendar 

Cut waste significantly, both in terms of packaging and food, by making your own advent calendar every year with reusable boxes and numbered drawers. This allows you to fill the days with little treats that you’ve chosen for your loved ones, and cuts out all the plastic, foil, and cardboard waste from standard advent calendars. 

Visit the about us page on our website to learn more about Simply Gentle and our eco-friendly values.

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