Simply Gentle washable breast pads have been especially designed for use in late pregnancy, after the birth of your baby and whilst breastfeeding to provide security and protection from excess breast milk.


Washable breast pads

  • Composition: 75% polyester, 20% viscose, 5% polyurethane

  • Directions for use: place into your bra, change regularly and machine wash after use. The pads will get softer after each wash.

Our values:


We believe that it is every persons duty to treat our planet with respect and to do everything possible to help care for it. We take pride in our actions to reduce our carbon footprint, actions such as; reducing our plastic usage, finding conventional plastic alternatives, supporting the growth of organic cotton agriculture, and spreading awareness on the importance of recycling.

Providing the best healthcare products for you and your family.

We know how important healthcare is to you and your family, that's why we only use the finest and softest materials to make our products.