PittaPatta BioPlastics

Our new PittaPatta baby toiletry range is bottled in a new eco-friendly bioplastic tube; these tubes are made by using materials derived from sugarcane grown in Brazil.

As we use energy in our day-to-day lives, we produce tons and tons of CO2 which is released into the atmosphere. This CO2 traps heat close to the earth causing global warming. By growing sugarcane used to create bioplastics we are actually reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90%, and because sugarcane farmed densely, only 1% of farmland in Brazil is used to grow it. This farmland is around 2,500 miles away from the Amazon Rainforest meaning there is very little chance of it causing deforestation and habitat destruction.

Once Sugarcane is grown and harvested, it is used by mills as raw material and is transformed into "ethanol." The ethanol is then taken to a manufacturing plant where it is used to make "green plastic" or "bioplastic." Bioplastic is then used to create our extremely durable and 100% recyclable PittaPatta tubes which we use to store our certified organic PittaPatta toiletry range.