Organic Cotton

Why do we use organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a low impact material, causing minimal damage to the environment, eco-systems and wildlife in surrounding areas. Because this method uses systems to replenish soil nutrients and reduces the use of toxic pesticides, it is a sustainable way to grow the crop.

Organic cotton is proven to be safer and softer on skin as it contains no harsh chemicals, making it perfect for baby, beauty and maternity care. Our organic cotton products are also 100% biodegradable so the break down naturally when disposed, so they are eco-friendly even after use. 

  • Natural and untreated seeds.

  • Creates healthy soils and helps keep a natural balance.

  • Uses up to 91% less water than conventional cotton

By using cotton that is organically grown, we are creating a world where everybody wins; you, your family, farmers, wildlife, and the environment. Even with all the positives, less than 1% of cotton grown world wide is organic, but it is on the rise thanks to people like you who have changed to organic cotton products. "one small swap can make a world of difference" - Organic Soil Association.